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Writer, Organizational and Communications strategist, consultant

Sean Cranbury


Professional creative and technical writing including successful grant writing expertise. Sean’s writing has appeared in magazines, on the CBC, and across countless websites.

Organizational Development

I help organizations from diverse industries such as healthcare, arts and culture, hospitality and more to embrace change.

Communication Strategy

I help organizations and groups to build strategies for internal and external communications using the simplest tools available.

Event Management

I have created, promoted, and managed hundreds of events from intimate poetry readings to weekend music festivals.

Web design

I build websites for writers and arts-related non-profit organizations such as Carleigh Baker, Waubgeshig Rice, and The infidels Jazz.

Creative Control

I consult with creative writers on breaking writers block and finding new ways to approach their craft and/or a working manuscript.

Upcoming event: Real Vancouver’s 14th Anniversary Showcase

In 2010, during the Olympic Winter Games, a group of volunteers, 44 local writers, and I created something called the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series.

It is a literary reading series and creative writing school that organizes and promotes 6 events a year featuring emerging and established writers from Vancouver and the rest of Canada.

Real Vancouver is now a registered non-profit society in BC and is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Real Vancouver has grown into an integral part of Canada’s literary landscape.

Our literary events provide a space for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, offering writing workshops, readings, networking events, professional development opportunities, projects with other organizations, and more.


Real Vancouver

Literary reading series and writing school founded during the 2010 Winter Olympics. We produce 6 events per year that feature emerging and established authors from Vancouver and across Canada.

Strike Sessions

Monthly DJ residency at Vancouver’s legendary Fox Cabaret from February 2018 to March 2020. All vinyl mixes featuring classic soul, funk, disco, and hip hop songs from the 60’s to today. On permanent hiatus.

On Fearless Communication in 2024

“Good, clear, thoughtful writing and simple communication strategies never go out of style.

In fact, they are more important today than ever before.

As the quality and accuracy of the information shared across the web, especially in places like X and other social media channels, continues to devolve and mutate we need to know how to express ourselves in ways that can be understood and shared.

New innovations such as AI will continue to blur the lines between authentic human-generated writing, music, and art and something that seems legit but has been generated by an algorithm that’s attached to a human who inputted a prompt.

This type of illusion-making can be a valuable creative tool in books or movies when it’s used as a narrative choice within a story arc or plot but when it’s used to deceive and misinform people in their daily lives then it becomes a significant problem.

It would be foolish to say that we will stop or even impede the growth and development of AI content generators or many other technological innovations that are being deployed around the world right now. And we shouldn’t want to stop or impede those things.

Instead, as individuals and organizations, we need to work to develop simple, adaptable strategies for standing out and standing up (for ourselves) on the web and in real life.

For organizations this means ensuring that your presence online and in community is clear, authentic, and accurate. Your people need to have the proper tools and support to engage their audiences online and IRL. They need to be supported and empowered to address issues as they arise with confidence and transparency.

For individuals, I believe that the answer is pretty simple: read more books. Sit down, slow down, use the library, visit a bookstore, use your reading device or tablet, but read widely from books that are professionally produced and edited. It will sharpen your senses, increase your empathy and awareness, and refresh your perspective.”

About Sean

I am grateful to live and work on the ancient, ancestral, and occupied territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations.

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