You Create the Conversation About Writing and Publishing

The fully SOLD OUT Surrey International Writers’ Conference is almost upon us and that means that the Un-Conference at SiWCthe informal conference within the conference – is set to stoke the creative fires of attendees and presenters with spontaneous and immersive sessions of idea-sharing and engagement about the writing and publishing process!

But first:

What is The Un-Conference at SiWC?

It is a series of sessions – five in all with two on Friday, two on Saturday, and one on Sunday – featuring informal discussions about the writing and publishing process that is wholly determined by the participants.

I will moderate – and sometimes even instigate – the discussion to ensure that we’re staying engaged with the various topics brought forward while allowing everyone the chance to add their voice.

This informal but engaged dynamic helps to create the opportunity for surprising, relevant, even inspired, moments of true connection where attendees help each other to answer questions and discover new ideas.

This approach can produce some interesting results. This article from¬†Forbes,¬†“Unconferences Unleash Innovative Ideas,“gives a good overview of how the dynamic works.

What Types of Questions or Conversations Might Happen?

The Un-Conference at SiWC is a great place to bring thoughts, ideas, or curiosities that come out of other sessions that you have attended. Questions that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

Stuff like:

  • What tools or apps like Scrivener or Ulysses are other writers using to organize their novels and stories?
  • Which social media and online communities are useful for writers to engage with?
  • Is the internet just a total waste of time? Can’t we just burn it to the ground?
  • What should I do with my website? How can I make it better or more useful for my career?
  • What tricks or advice do people have about the querying process with agents and publishers?
  • How should I approach public readings or presenting my work to readers in different areas?

Any many more! You decide on what we discuss and you can participate as much or as little as you choose.

Feel free to drop in an listen and take away the ideas that your fellow attendees are engaging with.

What should we discuss at the Unconference this year? Please send me a message using the form below

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