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The Strike Sessions was a collaborative DJ residency that took place one Saturday night per month in the Projection Room at the Fox Cabaret on Main Street in Vancouver. This all took place between February 2018 to March 2020.

Using only vinyl records, Phil (45s) and I (33s) traded sets building off one another and playing to the Saturday night midtown crowds.

At the core of our sets were the classics like Stevie, Otis, Aretha, Erykah, Curtis, Diana, Sade, Isaac, Sharon, Dilla, Funkadelic, The Grandmaster, The Roots, Madlib, RTJ, TCQ, MIA, and the rest.

One day, when we can dance together again, we’ll bring the mothership back.



RVWS is a registered non-profit society dedicated to promoting and celebrating literary excellence for emerging and established writers from Vancouver and beyond.

We started in 2010 during the Winter Olympics as a grass roots, volunteer-powered response to the lack of robust local literary programming from the Cultural Olympiad.

We’re dedicated to an equitable and inclusive approach to our programming and bring diverse voices from across identities, expressions, genres, literary forms during our events.

RVWS has moved to streamed digital readings during the pandemic.


IRL (in real life) and digital experiences have been co-existing, overlapping, integrating for a few dacades now and my work and creative projects have always tried to use digital tools to widely share and enhance the value and importance of analog technologies whether it’s books, records, or human performance in whatever form it takes.

In 2009 I started a radio show and podcast called Books on the Radio. This mixture of analog radio, digital sharing, podcasting, social media succeeded in creating an incubator of literary projects and collaborations including the 24 Hour Book Project, Real Vancouver Writers’ Series, The Advent Book Blog, the Interruption, among others.


BOTR was a radio show, podcast and state of mind, created in partnership with CJSF 90.1 FM, Simon Fraser University’s independent community radio station.

It was created to provide conversational interactions with contemporary Canadian writers using traditional analog broadcast technologies and digital sharing.

It became a platform for supporting other projects and collaborations with groups like 49th Shelf, The Ministry of Stories, W2 Community Media Arts, Sad Mag, and many others.

Books on the Radio is currently on hiatus.


Books on the Radio collaborations included working with groups like Artists Legal Outreach (now Pacific Legal Education and Outreach) on events that featured critical discussions of important books and ideas.

In 2014 BOTR helped to promote and stage an event with Astra Taylor at Robson Square Theatre under the Vancouver Art Gallery.

This event was a panel-based discussion that included contributions from Astra, Martha Rans (PLEO), Maggie Vail (Bikini Kill), Brett Gaylor (RiP, A Remix Manifesto), Amber Frid-Jiminez (Emily Carr University) and Brianna Wettlaufer (Stocksy).

Great discussion of issues surrounding the dismantling of techno-utopian visions, copyright in the digital age, and creative cultural production in a time of megacorps.


This was a fantastic collaboration between Real Vancouver Writers’ Series, Sad Mag, and Obscurior.

Here’s how it was described at the time:

“Bizarre Love Triangle is an arts and literary festival happening November 27th and 28th at 552 Clark in Vancouver. The festival is a collaborative effort between Sad Mag, Real Vancouver, and Obscurior, and is shaping up to be the year end party we’ve been dreaming of. The festival is 100% totally free, but capacity is limited, so reserve your tickets in advance to ensure you get through the door and in on the fun.”


This festival and installation/performance was one of the best collaborations that Real Vancouver has ever been a part of!

A mixture of incidental audio, writers reading brief passages of their work, high quality digital photography, subtle manipulation of the photographs, public viewing and performance in a cool gallery space on Clarke Drive. That’s what was going on here.

Can’t say enough about how wonderful all of the artists and writers were to work with.

Really brilliant collab. I hope that we have all the photos and music backed up somewhere.