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In the beginning The Storm Crow Alliance was the Tavern (RIP), located on Commercial Drive in east Vancouver, and the Alehouse, located across town in Kitsilano. There’s now a Toronto location, too.

During the earliest stages of the Storm Crow’s existence I helped to create the foundation for a proto-nerd restaurant environment that’s steeped in sci-fi references, pop culture nostalgia, and board game lore.

Cultivating an open, collaborative, supportive culture for staff and patrons ensured that everyone was free to express their individuality in a safe, fun, licensed environment.


Sad Mag is Vancouver’s quintessential independently-produced arts and culture quarterly. It embodies a generous creative and editorial vision that honours analog media, public events, and supports emerging writers, photographers, and artists of all kinds.

I served on the Sad Mag Board of Directors from 2013 to early 2017. It was a creative and transformational time for the magazine which continues to be a force for good in the artistic communities in this city.

Pick up a copy to witness the brilliance and then subscribe.


Eggbeater is a local, independent art and design company with offices above a carpet shop in Vancouver’s emergent Armoury District.

They’ve done branding and design work for many local businesses. You’ve likely seen it at local restaurants, in your grocery store, or even as a part of a government-sponsored cannabis-wellness campaign.

I’ve collaborated on many projects with Eggbeater over the years but have recently focused on helping clients with website builds, copywriting, social media marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization).

I’ve also written a few ‘splainers on content strategy, SEO and the like which you can find here.


Nearly all of my work over the years is a sort of alchemy of creativity, collaboration, IRL community events, and the fusion of analog and digital technologies.

The thing that I enjoy doing most is collaborating with and/or building-out teams of talented people to engage with some new, interesting project.

I like projects that are based around books, writing, and the literary community. Books are a fundamental analog technology that are written and consumed in private but celebrated and discussed in public and often inspire viral threads across the digital channels.

We can use all of these tools for the power of good.


I served as the Executive Director for BC and Yukon Book Prizes (BCYBP) from 2019 to 2021. During this time I worked with the Board of Directors and our small team to revitalize this traditional arts non-profit. We rebranded the organization to become inclusive to our friends in Yukon, we added three new cash prizes, including the Jim Deva Prize for Writing That Provokes, and Yukon’s first-ever literary award. The arrival of COVID-19 forced the BCYBP to quickly adapt our programs to the digital landscape. We had already developed a social media strategy that included a successful podcast. In September 2020 we produced our first-ever Virtual Gala which I’ve posted here.


I served on the Steering Committee for the National Forum on the Literary Arts during 2013-2014. The committee was responsible for planning and executing the two-day Forum which took place in Montreal in early 2014. The gathering hosted collaborative dialogues and roundtable discussions among 250 literary professionals from across Canada and helped to shape the future of national arts funding including the development of The Portal and the new streamlined approach to organizing the grant application process. It was an incredible opportunity to be a part of this significant moment in the history of Canadian writing and the public funding apparatus that supports its development and renewal.


I served as Director of Communications for PLEO during the planning and development stages of their ambitious project, The National Network of Legal Clinics for the Arts. I helped to secure funding from several national and provincial public arts funders, hired a great team of talented people, and in a little-over six weeks produced a three-day virtual forum that featured contributions from legal and artistic professionals from across Canada. This visionary project is led by my friend, Martha Rans, and will include tools and resources that will benefit artists and arts organizations across the country.