Buster Frequency

PROJECT NAME: Buster Frequency and The Chemical Spray
PROJECT TYPE: Internet-first generative fiction project using Instagram, Soundcloud, and a dedicated domain to build a novel-length story about mysterious deaths and disappearances in the east Vancouver live music scene circa 2001-2004.
SEAN’S ROLE: Creator, writer, connection maker
LOCATION: All over the internet
WEBSITE: instagram.com/busterfrequency, soundcloud.com/busterfrequency, busterfrequency.com

The Buster Frequency Project is a weird creative writing experiment that combines elements of collage, social media sharing and audience development, with Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies to build around an existing narrative about a band of noise musicians from east Vancouver in the early 00s and their tragic demise.

Follow Buster on Instagram and Soundcloud for updates as the story unfolds.

Buster will also be participating in Nanowrimo during November 2017 and has vowed to output 1000 words a day in service to that blind idiot god.