Books on the Radio

PROJECT NAME: Books on the Radio
PROJECT TYPE: Radio show, podcast, communications experiment
SEAN’S ROLE: Creator, Host, Editor, Builder of All The Things
DATE OF BIRTH: 2009 (currently on hiatus)
LOCATION: CJSF 90.1 FM, the internet

Books on the Radio is a radio show, podcast, and state of mind.

It was created in 2009 by Sean Cranbury as an experiment with the emerging social technologies – podcasting, WordPress, social media, and various proliferating apps.

It was also an attempt to contribute to the conversation around the intersection of traditional book publishing and the (then) new, disruptive tools for quickly and cheaply producing books, book-like things, and content of all kinds.

Here’s how Sean put it in 2010 when the first iterations of the Books on the Radio appeared on the original site:

Books on the Radio can be considered to be an ongoing experiment with obsolete technologies in the digital age. Print has been dead for decades and nobody listens to the radio anymore. Both statements inform this opportunity to experiment with these and other technologies, and the freedom to operate in the [theoretical] absence of an audience.