My name is Sean Cranbury. I live in east Vancouver and this is my personal website dedicated to providing information about some of my client work and creative projects past and present.

I work as a freelance writer, communications consultant, and project manager in Vancouver, BC. I have specialized in several diverse industries including the arts (writing and publishing specifically), public healthcare, and the hospitality industry.

I have also produced several independent creative projects that involve the collision and integration of books, writing, various digital and analogue media, community building, and collaboration. You can find out more about these specific projects under the Creative Projects tab.

Current active creative projects include:

  • Real Vancouver Writers’ Series: a local non-profit society that produces four literary reading events per year including some of the best writers from Vancouver and across Canada.
  • Buster Frequency Project:¬†an internet-first generative fiction project that uses Instagram, Soundcloud, and a dedicated domain to build a novel-length story about mysterious deaths and disappearances in the east Vancouver live music scene circa 2001-2004.

I have an abiding interest in technologies old and new, and how they influence our communications today, but I’m most interested in helping people and organizations to unleash their own potential as creators and communicators. This involves a lot of listening, learning, collaboration, and experimentation. We live in a golden age of this stuff and it takes work to figure out how to do it well.

Also, I am afflicted by a lifelong infatuation with books and vinyl records. I think and talk about these things much more than any person reasonably should.