Thoughts into Words into Action


I, Sean Cranbury, am the creator and destroyer of this site in all of its incarnations and accept all blame for the sporadic nature of its updates and the vagueness of its intent.

The following biographical information is presented by me in the third person:

Sean Cranbury lives in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood of east Vancouver, though he grew up just outside Hamilton, Ontario.

Sean is actively involved in the local Vancouver literary scene as creator and host of Books on the Radio, an intermittent radio program broadcast on CJSF 90.1 FM. Books on the Radio was created in 2009 after Sean miraculously survived the aftermath of the most recent global economic disaster and thought, “What the hell, may as well do something interesting.” You can find out more at

RVWS_MAY2016_02Sean is also the Founder and Executive Director of the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series, a non-profit society dedicated to producing fun and accessible literary events featuring great writers from the city as well as writers ‘from away’. Real Vancouver, as it’s known, arrived on the scene in 2010 during the Olympic Winter Games. Events are produced four times a year at unique locations in different neighbourhoods across the city and more than 130 writers have stepped to the Real Vancouver microphone over the years. For more information please check out

Sean has worked with some of Canada’s finest and most respected arts and culture organizations. He worked with the Canada Council for the Arts as a member of the Steering Committee for the National Forum on the Literary Arts. He’s worked with Access Copyright, 49th Shelf, Artists Legal Outreach, UBC Continuing Studies, CreativeBC, Simon Fraser University’s Master of Publishing program, Sage Hill Writing Experience, The Association of English-language Book Publishers of Quebec, W2 Media Arts Society, among others. He currently sits on the Board of Directors at Sad Mag.

Sean has won a few awards associated with his work in the literary community. In 2011 he was given the Literary Promoter of the Year Award by Pandora’s Collective, a Vancouver literary organization, at their annual gala event. Sean has also received the Surrey Board of Trade Special Achievement Award 2015 for his ‘significant contribution to the community of writers’ in relation to his work with the Surrey International Writers Conference.

In real life Sean is the General Manager of the Storm Crow Alehouse and former GM of the Legendary Storm Crow Tavern. These two restaurants are the imaginative incarnations of pure nerdy fun, great food, and good beer. This work satisfies a lot aspects of Sean’s creative inner life. Hand-carved sculptures of Lovecraft’s Elder God Cthulhu and the Rancor from Star Wars Return of the Jedi adorn the walls, there’s a science fiction and fantasy library, a wall full of board games. Sean gets to work with and employ some of the best and most creative people in the city. You can find out more about these magical establishments at

The final thing that you should probably know about Sean is that he has a penchant for old media to go with his seemingly incongruous affection for the internet.

That’s a complicated way of saying that he spends his money on books and records and throwback microphones. He’d have a cat if he could but he can’t so he doesn’t.

Sean is very easy to find on the internet, in fact, you can send him an email right now if you like.